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Hello, everyone! I'm a book-loving, nature-adoring mom of two busy little boys (5&7), married to a wonderful man who works hard to help people:) we travel quite often, so I fell into world-schooling by accident, but I am thoroughly enjoying... (More)

Hi Everyone

I am a new mom. My husband and I have been dreaming of worldschooling for a long time and didn’t think we would be able to have children. We were recently blessed with our little girl Aliyah. we... (More)

Romeo CrowDude
Worldschooling Husband, Father, Artist and Entrepreneur

I'm a worldschooling husband and father, writing, making music and running businesses on the road. Current projects at & content at :)

Hello! As you may have understood already, I am Romeo's wife. I take this opportunity to introduce myself: on top of being married to the wonderful man above, I am the proud mum to our kids of 3 and 7... (More)