Good morning/afternoon/evening, (depending on where you are now). Since we cannot travel, I am currently indulging into Travel Memories, from the first trip to the latest one, looking at places to go in the future, whenever that may be. What is one or more memory/ies that you have about Italy and very much love, a place you have been, an experience you had, some people you met and you are still connected to? Please share your story maybe from your blog, website etc in this group, I am starting with a wonderful trip to Puglia, a beautiful region in the South of Italy. You can read some of the stories about that trip here: I look forward to reading your most beautiful, funny, inspiring, adventurous memories. You can post directly on the group if you wish to insert pictures or reply to comment if you want to insert your link to your blog/website. A big virtual hug to everybody 🥰