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This is the default group that all new members are added to. It is for any general posts and discussions (use the "discussions" post type!) that perhaps don't fit into any specific groups.

Please don't use it for promotional posts. If you want, were have these specific groups for those:

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Romeo commented 3 years ago
Quick Post
Hello 👋 how are you all doing? Romeo and myself would really like to get to know you a little more, so how about to write about yourself with 5 words (more or less)? Look forward to reading the comment... (More)

What is the corner kick bet? How to winning corner kick bet

The corner kick bet is a popular type of bet in football betting, favored by many people due to its excitement and high chances of winning. So, what is a corner kick bet? How can you effectively predict corner kick... (More)

Romeo liked 3 years ago

Hi Everyone

I am a new mom. My husband and I have been dreaming of worldschooling for a long time and didn’t think we would be able to have children. We were recently blessed with our little girl Aliyah. we... (More)